End of check off to be announced?

It is Tory conference week.

Whilst this government is now fighting Isis; the conservatives being the true class warriors that they are, will no doubt announce further attacks on the trade union movement (the enemy within). It is possible that the ending of check off in certain departments maybe announced; certainly they will parade their plans to make it more difficult to win strike action by erecting a barrier of needing 50%+ of members to vote in a ballot. The sheer hypocrisy of this, when the Ministers announcing these polices did not win 50% of their constituency vote has been well explored but nevertheless it is highly likely the 50%+ will be a Tory pledge for the next general election (where no Tory will claim they will win 50%+ of the electorate).

Of course this goes to show that although the right wing in our union claim that PCS should be politically neutral (though most of the right wing mean by that, being soft on a possible future Labour government) in reality politics dominates our lives. That is why no union can be, or in reality is, politically neutral.

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