Clapham HQ to be sold off?

The above planning application is in the public domain. Following its discovery by PCS staff, a hastily prepared staff memo was issued. On a personal note, I think it makes perfect sense for the Union’s leadership to consider this as an option. The estate at Clapham must be worth tens of millions, if not more, given its prime location. Given the parlous financial situation PCS finds itself in, and the very existence of our organisation threatened by the Tories attempt to bankrupt us through the ending of check off, It would be stupid not to consider the sale of Clapham and moving in to cheaper accommodation elsewhere. Of course the Kremlinologists among you may speculate that this is a pre-cursor to merger with Unite (under terms dictated by Unite). Unite has a big HQ building in Holborn and the sale of Clapham would go some way to putting a dent in the pensions deficit PCS are operating.

Charlie McDonald

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