Ballots open in the DWP Group elections: Vote PCS Independent Left in DWP!

Ballots have opened for the election of Group Executive Committees in PCS and will run to the 19th of May.

These committees are responsible for all members in these groups and negotiate directly with them on all issues.

There are 2 key disputes in the DWP today, but at the present the Group leadership are making the same mistakes of the past. We cannot let individual workplaces fight alone, we cannot leave Temporary members out to dry. Both are symptomatic of a staffing crisis and a joint-up national campaign of action is required.

Independent Left candidates have been and are at the forefront of opposing office closures and demanding permanent contracts for casual staff. This needs to be a national strategy.
Vote Independent Left.

Members should have started receiving their ballot papers to their personal email addresses this week from ‘’.

Please share the graphic below on social media to publicise our candidates and how we would change the union.

We will be adding more images with quotes from our candidates throughout the election period.

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