PCS Elections 2021: Vote Independent Left!

PCS Independent Left want to transform our union. Vote PCS IL candidates for a radical vision and a rank and file voice on your National Executive Committee.

Win fair and equal pay: After 18 years of “leadership” the ruling faction presides over thousands of pounds in pay differentials of between civil service members of the same grade and in the same region but working for different departments and agencies. These differentials are life-time inequalities, reflected in pension, pension lump sum, and severance entitlements.

Place equality at the heart of PCS’ work: PCS IL NEC members politically, legally and industrially challenge discriminatory treatment. We pioneered the use of equality monitoring and impact assessment in the civil service and won PCS to making it a policy tool throughout the civil service. But the leadership does little to use the damning data to challenge discriminatory treatment of staff with protected characteristics.

Commitment and strategy for the tasks ahead: Trade Unions improve the health and safety, pay, terms and conditions of workers. But PCS should do better.

  • Rebuild membership levels and workplace density, including private sector members;
  • Restore the confidence of members in the effectiveness of the national union;
  • Protect the health and safety of members working onsite and at home;
  • End the two-tier workforce that leaves growing numbers of newer and younger recruits on poorer terms and without hope of reaching pay range maxima;
  • Bring our private sector members back in-house and deliver better sick pay, pension, leave and health and safety outcomes;
  • Use technology to promote flexible working and greater job opportunities while protecting members from micro-management and overlong working days;
  • Win a shorter working week and longer holidays;
  • Build a membership controlled PCS that delivers for members.

A real alternative: The ruling faction have failed. The other slate of candidates standing in this election are led by former members of the ruling group who have fallen out of favour.

Our candidates


Bev Laidlaw, DWP

Vice Presidents

Bryan Carlsen, HSE; Phil Dickens, R&C; Chris Marks, DWP

NEC ordinary members

Tom Bishell, DWP; Bryan Carlsen, HSE; Ralph Corrigan, PSg; Phil Dickens, R&C; Chris Hickey, MHCLG; Karen Johnson, MHCLG; Bev Laidlaw, DWP; Chris Marks, DWP; Paulette Romain, DfT; Matt Wells, DEFRA

NEC election runs 22 April to 13 May

Vote IL for candidates with a programme to rebuild PCS.

GEC elections run 29 April to 18 May

View our DWP Group slate and the HMRC Group slate we are supporting.

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