NEC election results

Naturally we are disappointed by the results; we had hoped for better. So we will have to undertake a thorough look at our campaign to learn lessons for the future. Of course we maintain a presence on the NEC with one of our comrades elected. Indeed for a number of years we have had one or more comrades on the NEC.

Setting aside our disappointment, the real horror story is the turnout, down to 7.5%, with the vast majority of the members not voting. The legal requirement for postal voting reduces the vote but does not explain the year on year fall in the turnout. The simple truth is that members are not sufficiently interested in voting; they don’t see the point. In this context the backslapping amongst Left Unity supporters is ridiculous.

The PCS Independent Left wants to turn this around. We will continue to argue that only radical change can save the union. We want a union where the vast bulk of members vote in NEC elections; where voting makes sense to those members. If you want that sort of union then join us.


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