For a different direction

Ballot papers for the PCS NEC election have been posted.

The union is in trouble. Despite weathering considerable attacks by the Tories, we are still nationally unable to arrest and reverse falling membership density figures, the biggest decline in pay and conditions in living memory and the lowest membership engagement in the union’s history.

Fixing the problem (which exists right across the movement) requires more than the publication of an updated organising strategy.

We need to look beyond the stale British trade unionism of recent years; to movements abroad and the emergence of unions here such as the IWGB.

So voting and electing PCS Independent Left candidates will raise the banner for a fundamental rethink in how we do business and for unashamed militancy.

All of our candidates are workplace activists. This year some have led strikes in their branches against office closures or of cleaners demanding fair pay. Some are well experienced, skilled lead negotiators who have ensured that members in their departments have had contractual protection against many of the attacks over the past decade.

If you think the union is trouble and needs a different direction then Vote PCS Independent Left.



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