Levy launched….

….PCS Independent Left vindicated?

Readers will have seen that PCS are finally launching a membership levy in order to build a fighting fund. The stated aim is ‘….to support striking members whose action could exert significant pressure on the government. The material goes on to explain that ‘sustained targeted industrial action has proved a successful tool in trade union disputes throughout history, but has to be funded to ensure the members involved are not left in poverty.’ It indicates that this is part of the overall plan alongside ‘mass coordinated action’. At least that’s how it can be read.

So far, so good. PCS Independent Left has argued for this for years only to be opposed at every turn by the ‘left’ leadership of PCS, with false, sectarian arguments that we were counterposing ‘selective’ action to everything else. Even when it appeared that we had finally ‘won’ the argument it has taken months to launch. That said it now has been launched and we will of course build it. So what’s changed? Future postings will deal with this in detail.

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