National pay campaign has the wrong focus

We welcome the fact that there is a national pay campaign – unfortunately it is wanting in many ways. In a later post (in a few days time) we will set out how we would run such a campaign but in the here and now we say that the main demand should not be for a pay increase of 5% or £1,200 – whichever is the greater – but for equal pay. That pay levelled up across the civil service to the current best rates, and with 5% etc then added on.

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Will PCS DWP Group be part of the national pay campaign?

A recent DWP Group bulletin on national pay essentially says, the employee Deal stops most of us from getting involved, but we still have a claim for our SEO/G7 and G6 members.  This means then that the vast bulk of members in the DWP will not be involved in the national pay campaign. Now if that is not the case then we call on the LU leadership, who run the DWP GEC, to issue an immediate ‘corrective’ bulletin saying that they are in fact joining with the rest of the union. Continue reading

Not acceptable – then why stand?

“The DWP headcount staffing figure at the end of February was 83,933. The PCS DWP membership figure at the end of February was 49,996. Our membership density is therefore currently 59.56%. This is the lowest PCS membership density figure in the DWP for many years. There are 34,000 non-union members in the DWP. This level of union membership density is not acceptable. It is a threat to the strength of the union.”

So says the DWP Group Organiser who will be seeking re-election in the next couple of weeks.

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Lessons of the HMRC Cleaners Dispute

16976654_1037896073021135_1126609918_nIt’s now over a year since cleaners employed by ISS to clean HMRC offices in Bootle approached their union reps over cuts to their working hours. Their employer was facing an increase in their pay bill due to a new minimum wage rate, erroneously branded as the ‘national living wage.’ It was going to claim that money back by cutting enough hours so cleaners were left with the same pay as before the rise came in.

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DWP GEC Nominations

bt_elections_ahead_signYes its that time of year again, so much has happened since the 2016 DWP GEC Elections – and not for the better. We want to change that. The Employee Deal was introduced, a new flexi policy, the dreaded ‘tent poles’ and Team Preference Tool and finally the Office Closures and re-locations.

IL members that were elected on to the GEC last year (including VP) were opposed to the Employee Deal, mainly due to the unfairness and discriminatory elements. This is amongst what we have been doing since you elected us into those positions. Continue reading