John Moloney elected Assistant General Secretary of PCS

Thank you to everyone who voted for and campaigned to help elect PCS Independent Left candidates to the National Executive Committee. We are now very happy to say that we have John Moloney as Assistant General Secretary and Bev Laidlaw, Phil Dickens and Chris Marks on the NEC.

Whilst the turnout in the elections remains far lower than anybody should be content with, it has increased from last year along with the share of votes for IL. This shows that, at least amongst those who voted, there is an appetite for change in the union.

Bringing that change is the real work. Simply having more IL people on the NEC, whether three or thirty, isn’t enough. We need to rebuild the strength of the union from the ground up whilst addressing the barriers imposed from the top and re-orienting towards the rank and file.

This isn’t the task for a few of us, but for everyone who wants an effective, fighting union. Get in touch, and get involved!


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PCS elections open: Vote John for AGS, PCS IL candidates for NEC

This year, PCS will re-elect its Assistant General Secretary. John Moloney is standing for the position.

John is a member of PCS Independent Left and a well-respected activist in the DfT. If elected, John has pledged to take the salary of an EO in the DWP rather than the £90k+ the post currently pays, as he believes workers’ representatives should be on a worker’s wage.

If elected, John will fight for:

• National pay: that those on the same grade should have the same pay, instead of the current cross-departmental inequality.
• Rank-and-file control: the union should support all groups of workers willing to take action, not offer barriers to them doing so.
• Accountable full time officials: all full time officials for the union should be elected by and answer to the members, not to any internal staff hierarchy.
• Organising all government workers: PCS should take the lead from unions like United Voices of the World and our own activists in BEIS, the Culture Sector and HMRC Bootle to fight privatisation by helping outsourced workers fight for a living wage and conditions in line with civil servants.

If you agree with the above, vote John Moloney for Assistant General Secretary and PCS Independent Left candidates for the National Executive Committee.

Support our candidates by asking your workmates to do the same.

Leaflets/posters for downloading: IL slate A4 leaflet, John4AGS A4 leaflet, John4AGS A5 leaflet