Health unions consider action over pensions

When we went on strike earlier this year we did so in conjunction with teacher unions. If we take further action later this year it could be conjunction with health unions as well

The Guardian stated that:

Unions representing staff at every level of the health service are meeting tomorrow (25 August) to plan the first NHS-wide strike, in anticipation that current negotiations with the government over public sector pensions will fail by the autumn.

The paper reports:

One official representing 460,000 NHS staff in the talks said the prospect of failure felt “almost inevitable” and claimed ministers had refused to budge on the most fundamental issues – increasing members’ contributions and delaying the retirement age.

Of course the same is true of our pension talks as well; the government is not being serious about reaching an agreement.

As to the timing of possible joint action the Guardian reports:

The first week in November is being mooted for strike action by some of the civil service and teaching unions that walked out in June, but it is unlikely an NHS strike would take place at the same time. None of the health unions have balloted members for strike action and are unlikely to do so before government talks conclude at the end of October – unless the negotiations collapse before then.

The government through its actions is forcing the unions together. Of course the more of us who stick together then the more effective is any future action and the more powerful will be our voice.