Performance Management Reporting systems

Our recent Editorial piece.

Current IL policy- The following motion was debated and adopted by the national all-members’ meeting held on 23 July 2016:

  1. PMR Campaign

This Meeting notes that the NEC has launched a PMR campaign and in principle welcomes such a campaign and very much wishes to see it succeed, especially at a time when many civil service management teams are increasingly persuaded that the current system is burdensome, costly and of little or no business benefit whilst being divisive, discriminatory, a cause of ill health and huge amounts of conflict.

This Meeting further notes that:

  1. The NEC’s national PMR campaign was launched in June on the PCS website but without prior briefing to Branches;
  2. The first that representatives knew of the campaign was when they spotted it on the PCS site or were told by another representative or by a member;
  3. When the Campaign was announced it lacked critical detail, for instance with regard to grievances and test cases;
  4. Full time officers were not briefed and were therefore unable to answer questions from branches.
  5. The Week of Action was launched without proper notice and preparation;
  6. The Early Day Motion has been launched without proper preparation of branches;
  7. Such an ill-coordinated campaign reduces the ability of very hard pressed representatives who are operating on small amounts of facility time, to promote the campaign.

This Meeting agrees to:

  1. Encourage local and National civil service Branches and Groups to be very active in promoting the campaign;
  2. Urge the NEC to ensure that, going forward representatives ,  including negotiators, are:
  • Advised of the explicit aims of the campaign;
  • Told how the legal test cases will be managed, with the explicit reassurance that this task will not be left to lay representatives;
  • Properly briefed in good time before each stage of the campaign.
  1. Set out on the IL website a special page on PMR.

Proposed by London group