Nominations for the PCS National Executive Committee 2023

Members are in the middle of the largest dispute we’ve seen for over a decade. But in order to win we need a joined-up strategy of escalation of national action alongside creative, sustained and most importantly, disruptive targeted action. As the stakes are so high The Independent Left and The Broad Left Network are standing a joint list of candidates to fight for this in the year ahead. Please nominate these candidates at your branch’s Annual General Meeting.

These Candidates will…

  • Support the strikes.
  • Develop a serious escalating programme of all-member action, targeted and selective action,
    including action short of strikes against the Tory cost of living squeeze and the anti-union laws.
  • Make PCS take the lead in calling for mass co-ordinated action.
  • Strengthen lay democracy, including extending of election of Full-time Officers, bringing their pay more in line with the members they represent.



Marion Lloyd, BEIS

Vice Presidents     

Fiona Brittle, Scottish Government

Bryan Carlsen, HSE                

Bev Laidlaw, DWP

Jon-Paul Rosser, HMRC

NEC members

  1. Dave Bartlett, MOJ
  2. Tom Bishell, DWP
  3. Rob Bowers Defence
  4. Fiona Brittle, Scottish Government
  5. Alex Brown, Health Group
  6. Sarah Brown, Met Police
  7. Bryan Carlsen, HSE
  8. Josh Chown, Home Office
  9. Eleanor Clarke, Cabinet Office
  10. Chris Day, National Archives
  11. Alan Dennis, Defence
  12. Nick Doyle, HMRC
  13. Matt Exley, Culture
  14. Chip Hamer, Culture
  15. Rachel Heemskerk, DWP
  16. Karen Johnson, DLUHC
  17. David Jones, DLUHC
  18. Bev Laidlaw, DWP
  19. Marion Lloyd, BEIS
  20. Chris Marks, DWP
  21. Vijay Menezes – Jackson, DWP
  22. Nick Parker, Acas
  23. Rob Ritchie, Shared Services Commercial Sector
  24. Jon-Paul Rosser, HMRC
  25. Dave Semple, DWP
  26. Gary Spencer, DLUHC
  27. Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale, DWP
  28. Paul Suter, DWP
  29. Colin Young, Education
  30. Victoria Cuckson, HMRC

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