PCS Elections 2021: Nominate Independent Left!

Every year, members of the Independent Left elect candidates at our Annual General Meeting to contest PCS’s national and group elections. Please consider nominating our candidates at your branch’s AGM.

We stand for:

  • The pay that we deserve: We need a serious industrial fight to win on pay, with a real living wage as a minimum and workers on the same grade getting the same rate regardless of department.
  • A union for all government workers: PCS should make a serious effort to organise all workers in our workplaces, including outsourced and agency workers, and fight for direct employment and the levelling up of conditions.
  • A serious political and industrial strategy: Greater focus on workplace campaigns and disputes, to help spread and amplify them.
  • Transparent negotiations: An end to secret “embargo” agreements. Members should be kept informed, engaged, and able to democratically direct the negotiation process.
  • Equality at the centre: The union should be a tool for black, women, LGBT+, and disabled workers to use to organise against inequality and discrimination, at work and in society.
  • Rank-and-file control: The union should support all groups of workers who want to take action, not put barriers in their way.
  • Elected and accountable full-time officials: All officials should directly answerable and accountable to the membership, not to the internal staff hierarchy of the union. FTOs’ pay should be pegged to the average wages of the members they represent.

View our NEC slate, our DWP Group slate, and the HMRC Group slate we are supporting, or click on the images below for slate and election materials.

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