Time for a new start with PCS: Nominate Moloney!

This year, PCS will re-elect its Assistant General Secretary. John Moloney is standing for the position.

John is standing on the following platform:

  • A workers-wage. If elected he will take no more than the DWP EO London (Around 29k), not the full £85k taken by Baugh since 2004, or indeed Serwotka. Employed Union Full-timers should be elected and on a wage much closer to the average wage of the members
  • A genuine return to national pay bargaining. An end to bargaining units across government where employers can engage in a race to the bottom on terms and conditions. John will push for real national pay bargaining and a levelling-up of all grades to the highest in government and would reject the selling of Terms and Conditions for pay as has happened with the divisive Employee Deal in DWP.
  • A serious strategy to win the pay ballot: Announce our intention to members early, commit organisers where we’re weakest and be open with members about what’s needed to win. Co-opting proven layorganisers to PCS for the duration of the ballot, maximising social-media and most importantly face-toface, shop-floor contact with members. Trusting our branches with members’ personal contact details.
  • Strengthen the confidence of the Rank-and-File: To rebuild PCS we need to organise, support and allow members locally to take action on issues. Historic low rates of membership in key departments can only be reversed by building confidence in member’s ability to fight and win battles locally as well as nationally. John will support any group of members who wish to take action to defend their interests – not bureaucratically block such action as the DWP group did with the North West Contact Centres.
  • Not an inch on Compulsory redundancies: An injury to one is an injury to all is not just a pretty slogan. Any compulsory redundancies, such as those faced through office closure programmes should be met by a cross-government ballot of all members. John would put the Cabinet Office on notice.
  • For a re-orientation to rank-and-file organising: We need to re-engage members, including the 90%+ who don’t vote in national elections. For complete transparency and membership involvement in all negotiations. John will work to end secretive ‘embargo’ agreements. We elect representatives, not leaders.
  • A serious industrial and political strategy: It’s not all about a catch-all ‘national campaign’. More focus on service and workplace campaigns and disputes. E.G extend the HMRC cleaners campaign unionwide, channel the anger among telephony and processing members in DWP into a wider dispute.
  • Equality and anti-fascism at the centre: There is a rise of the far right across the world and the UK is no exception. PCS needs to prioritise the defence of our members against this threat.
  • No deal made with employers should increase inequality among our members such as the DWP Employee Deal or the 2005 pensions agreement which sold-out our newer younger members, dumping them with worse pensions.

The national leadership of PCS has been dominated for some fifteen years by the same group of people and it has been fifteen years of unimaginative failure in terms of delivery for members.

Members and activists desperately need to start changing that leadership and the 2019 AGS gives us a great opportunity to do so.

While John cannot change the situation in PCS by himself, his election is a necessary step along with IL candidates for the NEC.

If you agree with the above, nominate John Moloney for Assistant General Secretary and PCS Independent Left candidates for the National Executive Committee at your branch Annual General Meeting.

AGS: John Moloney. President: Bev Laidlaw, DWP

Vice-Presidents: Bryan Carlsen, HSE. Phil Dickens, HMRC. Chris Marks, DWP. Paulette Romain, MHCLG.

NEC: Tom Bishell, DWP. Bryan Carlsen, HSE. Ralph Corrigan, PSg. Phil Dickens, R&C. Chris Hickey, MHCLG. Karen Johnson, MHCLG. Bev Laidlaw, DWP. Charlie McDonald, DWP. Chris Marks, DWP. John Moloney, DfT. Paulette Romain, MHCLG.  Leon Searle, DWP

As PCS representatives we know PCS can do better!

Download our leaflet here for full list and share with friends, colleagues and fellow PCS members.

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