Baugh and Godrich: Two peas in a pod



If you click on the window above you will see Janice Godrich giving full support to Chris Baugh. The write up that goes with the video states:

 PCS President, Janice Godrich, (speaking in a personal capacity) says re-elect Chris Baugh for PCS Assistant General Secretary as part of the Democracy Alliance slate in the forthcoming elections in April 2014.

As you listen to Janice support Chris, you hear no criticism, no hint that according to her now, for ten years Chris Baugh has been playing a disruptive role within the union.

It was only when Mark Serwotka made it clear that he could not and would not work with Chris Baugh that we learned of his supposed bad behaviour.

We have commented in an earlier post that there is no real politics in any of this. The Socialist Party accurately states that there is no substantive difference between Janice Godrich and Chris Baugh. We go further and say that this has been case for the last ten years and more. We have no doubt that there were tactical differences between them as how to do this or that but no major difference in where the union went and what is has become. They were, and are peas in a pod.

What we have is court politics where the King has fallen out with one of his nobles and there is battle to replace the rebel courtier.

Our candidate for AGS by contrast will stand on a substantively different platform from either Chris Baugh or Janice Godrich. That person, like the rest of the Independent Left (IL), wants a membership organised and confident enough to put pressure on and hold any leadership to account – IL or otherwise – and to act independently of the leadership, if necessary.

If you think likewise then join us. Now is not the time to stand on the sidelines.


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