A discussion that must be had

Whatever happens in this year’s NEC election we want to step up the discussion on the direction of our union. We can have more of the same, decline – albeit slower than before – or seek a fundamental change and reverse that decline.

Such turn arounds have happened frequently in the past, and they can happen in the PCS.  But that requires  acknowledgement of where we are now.

That of course will not happen under the current leadership.

Outwardly they peddle a number of myths; that we are the most ‘left wing’ union in Britain (which will be news to the RMT, IWGB, the Bakers, FBU) that the government is uniquely frightened of us and that is why it has uniquely targeted us (we just happened to be the only union it could get at directly) and that we have survived the crisis and are on the up (the first part is true for now; the second part is untrue).

So how do we go from the present state to a union that is growing, that is really membership led and that militantly fights for better living standards and terms and conditions?

We think voting PCS Independent Left is a step in that direction, but it is not nearly enough.  That is why we are hoping to hold a school later this year to learn from past turn arounds and see what is relevant to us.

Of course that doesn’t mean we won’t know what to do on a day-to-day basis until we have the school. As you will see from the other postings on the website we have a lot of ideas. But unlike the current union leadership we realise that you do need a strategic direction for the union and that we need more than day-to-day ‘management’.

In the run up to the school we will publish case studies from other unions and how they fought back to become effective unions.

If you are interested in joining this discussion then join the school – it will be open to all – take part in our debates, and why not join us?

Vote PCS Independent Left.

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