PCS as an enabler

Despite the boasting of the current leadership, PCS is not a radical union. It is a top down, typical TUC union. A bit of rhetoric, every now and then, cannot hide the fundamental nature of our union.

We want to change that. For us a ‘membership led union’ is more than a slogan, it should be how the union actually operates. In that regard, we want the union to be an enabler. Therefore as part of becoming strike ready, the union should be asking branches to provide text which can be worked up into leaflets. After all branches, should know what ‘plays’ in their patch; what members are talking about and what will motivate them.

National material is vital but it must be accompanied by local material. The national union has resources that local branches don’t; resources paid for by the members.

This is just a small example of how we would do things differently. If you agree, then vote for us in the NEC elections. PCS has to change.

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