Tick, tock

Time is now very tight given that the union has publicly set a time table: 20 April for a sustentative reply from the Cabinet Office, the NEC to discuss any response at its meeting on 24–26 April and then the Brighton conference to take decisions on the pay campaign.

From last November we argued: don’t lose momentum, build immediately for a ballot, prepare carefully, agitate and propagandise imaginatively, plan to win. There is no sign that our leaders are doing any of this. Instead of this, we fear ‘storming’.

In the Soviet Union, if a factory had not hit its’ monthly quota, near the end of the month, it would ‘storm’ to hit the quota; quality would be ditched as all resources were thrown into production.

We fear the same for the strike ballot. At the last moment PCS HQ will ‘storm’, sending out material, demanding an all-out effort. In the old days, before the 50% threshold, this might suffice in getting a Yes vote. But times have changed. The CWU prepared its ballot in Royal Mail for seven months and was rewarded by a great turnout. PCS is not doing this.

We want to change the union’s approach; that is why we are standing in the coming NEC elections. As said, if we had been in charge we would prepare carefully, agitate and propagandise imaginatively and plan to win. If you agree that is the way our union should operate then please vote for us.

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