Our slate for the NEC elections


We of course are not naive enough to believe that if we were to win positions then things would change for the better overnight. Our winning would be a first step. The key thing we want to do is activate the ‘activists’ and the membership. We actually do believe in a membership lead union and our aim is that this happens in reality rather than in rhetoric. If you want that too then please support us in the union elections. If you want that too why not join us? On to a better union, vote IL.

President: Bev Laidlaw, DWP


Leon searle DWP,
Bryan Carlsen HSE,
Phil Dickens R&C,
John Moloney DfT


Tom Bishell, DWP
Bryan Carlsen, HSE
Ralph Corrigan, PSg
Chris Day, National Archives
Phil Dickens, R&C
Chris Hickey, CLG
Karen Johnson, CLG
Bev Laidlaw, DWP
Chris Marks, DWP
Charlie McDonald, DWP
John Moloney, DfT
Paulette Romain, CLG
Leon Searle. DWP
George Thompson, DWP

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