Vote IL: we need change

The PCS national leaders have failed the test of leadership: to anticipate and prepare for the attacks of our employers and to identify, develop and take opportunities to advance members’ interests.

No reasonable member believes that the Union can always and completely stop every employer attack. But the leadership’s failure is too great, its initiative too little, its foresight non-existent and so it prefers spin to transparency and accountability.

There is no quick way to put right what the current leadership has been getting wrong over many years.

We can make a start by electing IL NEC members committed to:

  • Restoring and strengthening the confidence of members, making us all feel we have an effective national union again.
  • The development of a serious, imaginative, and properly prepared campaign for civil service national pay and an end to low pay. The current leadership have had years to restore national pay and address the scourge of low pay and yet pay for the same grade of work still varies wildly from one part of the service to another.
  • The defence of living standards: real pay has been slashed and the Tories are promising 1% total paybill increase for the next four years and irrespective of inflation.
  • Placing equality at the centre of PCS’ campaigning politically, legally and industrially challenging the discriminatory treatment: IL members pioneered the use of equality monitoring in employee relations in the civil service; won PCS to make it a policy tool throughout the civil service; and have successfully campaigned against PRP.
  • Support members who want to resist employer attacks.
  • Ending the culture of spin and the NEC’s practice of launching ill-prepared “campaigns” that then simply fade away.
  • Thoroughly consulting you and other members on demands, strategy and tactics and providing timely and accurate reports of negotiations.
  • Providing far greater support for members in the private sector and smaller bargaining units, a conference policy but not acted on by the current NEC.
  • Providing greater research, guidance, legal assistance and support to representatives who are struggling to cope on very limited facility time.
  • Spreading best practice terms and conditions, whereas the current NEC seems to live in fear that better terms for members in one area might be embarrassing for the Union in another.
  • PCS punching its national industrial weight on core common terms and conditions issues instead of always leaving representatives and members isolated in their “bargaining units.”

Our NEC slate is:


Bev Laidlaw (DWP)

Vice Presidents

Tom Bishell (DWP)

Bryan Carlsen (HSE)

Phil Dickens (HMRC)

John Moloney (DfT)


Tom Bishell (DWP)

Bryan Carlsen (HSE)

Ralph Corrigan (PsG)

Phil Dickens (HMRC)

Chris Hickey (CLG)

Karen Johnson (CLG)

Bev Laidlaw (DWP)

Chris Marks (DWP)

Charlie McDonald (DWP)

John Moloney (DfT)

Oli Rahman (DWP)

Paulette Romain (CLG)

Leon Searle (DWP)

George Thompson (DWP)

Ray Webb (DSA)

Gilaine Young (DfT)

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