Put Equality at the Heart of PCS: Vote IL

The PCS leadership has never developed a coherent challenge to the gross inequalities prevailing across all aspects of work life in the civil service despite controlling the Union for some fourteen years.

A vote for the 2017 Independent Left NEC candidates is a vote for NEC members who aim to transform PCS’ approach to inequality, to build a coordinated campaign which:

  • Highlights the connection between the inequalities in the civil service and the wider inequalities in a Britain which is grotesquely unequal.
  • Highlights the obscenity of extreme bonuses for the SCS/ Permanent Secretaries and collapsing living standards for the non-SCS.
  • Seeks a much narrower and defined relationship between the salary of the highest and lowest paid full time civil servants.
  • Closes the gender pay gap.
  • Campaigns to end performance related pay, which discriminates against ethnic minority, disabled, other protected categories and more junior grade workers.
  • Addresses the disproportionate representation of ethnic minority, disabled, and lower grade staff in PCS “personal cases”.
  • Opposes the elitism of the civil service Fast Stream, which an official study showed to be more socially exclusive than the Oxbridge entrance.
  • Addresses the sharp inverse ratio in morbidity and life expectancy rates by grade, which official studies have shown to be about social inequality rather than lifestyle.
  • Places retirement age back on the trade union movement’s agenda, highlighting the relationship between inequality of life expectancy and the old age at which pensions will now be collected.
  • Campaigns for an end to punitive attendance policies and for the development of best practice policies which support staff with health issues and promote safer workplaces.
  • Trains PCS representatives in equality legislation and its application in collective bargaining and “personal” cases.
  • Spreads equality best practice, ensures the equality checking of personnel policies, and enforces members’ legal rights.

 Vote IL, reinforce the three existing Independent Left members of the PCS NEC (Bev Laidlaw, Tom Bishell and Paulette Romain), and build a Union that fights for equality.  

Our NEC slate is:


Bev Laidlaw (DWP)

Vice Presidents

Tom Bishell (DWP)

Bryan Carlsen (HSE)

Phil Dickens (HMRC)

John Moloney (DfT)


Tom Bishell (DWP)

Bryan Carlsen (HSE)

Ralph Corrigan (PsG)

Phil Dickens (HMRC)

Chris Hickey (CLG)

Karen Johnson (CLG)

Bev Laidlaw (DWP)

Chris Marks (DWP)

Charlie McDonald (DWP)

John Moloney (DfT)

Oli Rahman (DWP)

Paulette Romain (CLG)

Leon Searle (DWP)

George Thompson (DWP)

Ray Webb (DSA)

Gilaine Young (DfT)


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