PCS NEC elections 2017

The nomination process for the NEC elections begins soonelections-graphic-hands

We are asking that you consider nominating Independent Left (IL) candidates for the elections. This is because we believe IL will bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the leadership of PCS; both of which are sorely lacking at the moment.

The current leadership have been in office for over 11 years. Unfortunately we are now in far worse state than when they first took office.  Clearly the Government is responsible for the attacks we face but the PCS leadership is responsible for how we respond – and their response has been woefully inadequate with no evidence that it will get better.  Indeed their motto is ‘stick with us, a tried and trusted leadership’. Which means in reality more of the same. In fact they are a tired and busted leadership.

Independent Left supporters have consistently argued for the NEC to reconnect with, and strengthen the confidence of, members by:

-Focusing on a national defence of pay, jobs and living standards.  Local offices and departments should not be left on their own to fight. We really are ‘all in it together’ and so we should really all campaign and fight together;

-Campaigning for equal pay across the Civil Service.  It shouldn’t depend on where you work as to how much you should earn.  An EO in DWP should get as much as an EO in HMRC as an EO in DfT etc. This means we must campaign for national pay;

-Having an effective industrial action strategy, including selective action.  This is in place of one day strikes now and then that the Government simply sits out;

-Telling the truth, even when it means admitting that we have lost; thoroughly consulting members on demands, strategy and tactics and providing timely and informative reports on national talks.

-Having a meaningful national strategy to unionise those private sector companies providing support to the civil service;

-Developing a real and effective organising strategy, one aimed at transforming the union from the ground up.

If the above makes sense to you then please nominate:


Bev Laidlaw (DWP)

Vice Presidents

Tom Bishell (DWP)

Bryan Carlsen (HSE)

Phil Dickens (HMRC)

John Moloney (DfT)


Tom Bishell (DWP)

Bryan Carlsen (HSE)

Ralph Corrigan (PsG)

Phil Dickens (HMRC)

Chris Hickey (CLG)

Karen Johnson (CLG)

Bev Laidlaw (DWP)

Chris Marks (DWP)

Charlie McDonald (DWP)

John Moloney (DfT)

Oli Rahman (DWP)

Paulette Romain (CLG)

Leon Searle (DWP)

George Thompson (DWP)

Ray Webb (DSA)

Gilaine Young (DfT)



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