PCS has a stake in the Labour Party’s NEC elections


The Labour Party is issuing ballot papers to its members to elect six representatives to sit on Labour’s National Executive Committee.

These elections have never come at a more crucial moment in the Labour Party’s history. Their outcome matters very much to PCS members irrespective of whether all PCS representatives and members realise this to be case. They matter because:

We have a vital interest in Jeremy Corbyn continuing to be the leader of the Labour Party. He has moved the Labour Party from a position of pro-public service cuts/pro-austerity to positively arguing for policies for growth, for public services, for workers rights and for the repeal of the anti-union laws.

This is especially significant for a civil service trade union like PCS. Corbyn is committed to a return to national civil service pay bargaining, to ending the 1% civil service pay cap, to opposing further reductions in civil service severance entitlements and HMRC job cuts and he wants to involve PCS in Shadow Government policy formation.

It is therefore vital that the six NEC places go to candidates who support Jeremy Corbyn against those Labour MPs who have tried to bully and blackmail him into stepping down without an election.

PCS members and representatives who are socialists in the Labour Party and who want Jeremy Corbyn to remain Leader of the Labour Party should vote in the NEC elections for the following candidates supported by Momentum and the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance:

Rhea Wolfson, Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Peter Willsman, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams.

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