Marching to the top of the hill…

grand-old-duke-of-york-webWe fully support the idea of the national union’s campaign against the current system of Performance Management Reports (PMRs); what we have problems with, is its execution.

Now a long standing criticism we have of the current leadership is that they treat members and activists as stage armies; to be marched, without warning, up to the top of any particular hill when the mood strikes them. This type of ‘Duke of York’ behaviour stems from their view of democracy (top down; they are the leaders, we are the led).

So with no warning we are told that the week beginning 27 June there will be a week of action; well ‘told’ is too strong a word; news has been posted to the website but no systematic effort was undertaken to tell branches in advance – or at all. So some branches have found out through members contacting them after reading the website. We know of a number of full time officials who haven’t been told either.

In the week of action we are told that members should lodge grievances; that the union would provide wording for these complaints. The problem is that the standard wording for this has not been issued even though we are only a few working days from the ‘week’.

As far as we understand it, following the grievances the union wants to lodge mass ETs. That of course requires (a) that activists and members are told (b) wording for the ACAS claims is provided (c) a method by which the ETs are paid for, and administrated. As of now there is no (a), (b) or (c).

Now as always activists will bust a gut making up for the gross deficiencies of the union’s lack of organisation and competency. If you are content with that method of operating, then fine, but for those who want a better way, consider joining us or working with us. We don’t think competency is not an optional extra; it is vital for any union – even PCS.

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