Most ridiculous thing claimed at 2016 conference?

12497.jpgWe are in a dilemma as to this.

Was it the claim by a SP comrade in a speech that it was TUSC that was responsible for the election of Jeremy Corbyn? The story, tall tale, fantasy (delete as appropriate) is that faced by a TUSC member on the Unite NEC, Len McCluskey realised that it was either support JC or Unite would eventually fall to TUSC.

But we think it was Left Unity’s claim that it has busted the Treasury pay cap with the DWP Employee deal that wins the prize.

So what’s the proof of the claim? None! LU don’t provide any, they just make the assertion. Now it is true the Employee deal is worth more than 1% of pay budget per year over the lifetime of the deal. It is also true that Treasury policy is that pay should be caped to 1% of budget. But the same policy allows more money if there is work force reform; and boy we are certainly going to see a lot of workforce reform if members vote yes to the deal.

PCS did not force the Treasury to pay more than it wanted; the Treasury funded a deal that was in favour of the employer; PCS did not run a campaign to bust the cap, it organised a letter writing campaign; as far as we can tell DWP approached PCS asking for the deal; PCS did not force DWP to the table.

The truth is that LU have to spin the deal as it is a thoroughly bad one; one of the worst in the history of the union.

Now we have over the years chronicled Left Unity’s increasing spin; its inability to tell the truth. In our election material we said ‘the new NEC has to reconnect with, and strengthen the confidence of members and activists; confidence that has taken a real battering over the past years’.

We said one of the ways of doing this was ‘to start telling members the truth – even when it means admitting that we have lost. Thoroughly consulting members on demands, strategy and tactics and providing timely and informative reports national talks are essential not only in democratic terms but also in terms of rebuilding the Union’.

So let’s start telling the truth; the union has not busted the cap; but given the terrible nature of the deal we are a step closer to busting members’ faith in the union. So Vote NO to the employee deal.

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