Full Time Officer pay is the litmus test

We said in earlier postings that the PCS is an ‘ordinary’ TUC union despite the rhetoric. This is best demonstrated by Full Time Officer (FTO) pay. Despite the fact that we have generally a low paid membership, our FTOs are well paid.

In DWP the employee deal (which should in reality be called the ‘employer’ deal – for there is very little of a deal for employees) AAs and AOs will receive a few pounds more than the minimum wage (which has been re-branded as the living wage). Grotesquely at the same time our General Secretary is on £94K, the Assistant General Secretary is on over £80K. This doesn’t include their very generous pension benefits. All paid for by our mostly low paid members. This cannot be right.

Indeed the Socialist Party (SP) says that this is wrong, at least outside PCS. In one of its demands in its paper and on its website the SP says workers’ leaders should be on a skilled workers wage. Yet in the PCS, where they are the politically dominant group on the NEC and in LU, they don’t argue for their own political demand. Indeed they oppose their own political position. So when a very moderate motion was put to the 2016 conference, asking the NEC to consider putting future FTOs on wages closer to that of the members, an SP comrade from the conference floor branded the motion as dangerous and the NEC opposed it.

No union can consider itself radical or left wing if it allows FTOs to remain on wages well in advance of its members. PCS does, so that’s why we say it is an ‘ordinary’ union.

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