PCS ADC 2016: Wednesday fringe

As the successor to the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, Momentum is a Labour Party focused organisation. Momentum groups have been formed the length and breadth of the country.

The question for us all is “What should PCS do now that we have national politicians who oppose austerity politics, support workers in defence of living standards, jobs and services?”.
It is a critical question because if Corbyn and McDonnell are harassed and obstructed by the Labour and Trade Union right wing, if the latter can help the Tories in defeating Corbyn (and in our view some would rather see that than a Corbyn victory at the next election), if anti-austerity politics can be said to have failed, then PCS members and workers more widely will suffer the consequences.

PCS therefore has to play a crucial role in defending Corbyn and McDonnell and in advocating working class solutions to the problems facing working people. The situation we are now in is politically critical. That’s why we think the time has come to launch PCS Momentum. Please come along and join the discussion.

Wednesday 25th May

6:00 pm the Regency Suite,

The Old Ship Hotel, Kings Rd

(turn left out of the front of the Conference centre, 5 minutes along the sea front)

Leaflet version here.

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