Hands off our weekends?

PCS union is rightly supporting action in Museum of Wales where members are campaigning for a better deal for weekend working.

NEC and GEC members proudly tweet their support for these members and  the Junior Doctors in their ongoing fight to resolve their dispute. They include pictures of themselves holding posters defending weekends.

So why then do they not reject a Pay Offer which will pay significant number of members an insufficient amount of money of they are prepared to work evenings and weekends?

A pay offer that asks members to work on Saturdays for plain time rates of pay, no premiums. A pay offer that provides only a few pence more than the Tories’ Living Wage for admin grade workers on condition they cover evening shifts.

So Hands off our Weekends is a great campaign  for union members everywhere?

Except in DWP! Where those who tweet their support for BMA members and PCS members in Wales, recommend a shoddy deal rather than a fight.

Vote NO, reject the DWP Pay Offer.

Hands Off our Saturdays – everywhere!

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