To Members of the PCS Union

Dear Colleague,

You should have received a ballot paper for the PCS NEC elections. These are important elections as the people we elect will be responsible for running the national union and campaigning for better pay and pensions.

We are asking that you consider voting for the Independent Left candidates in those elections.

This is because we believe we would bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the leadership of PCS.

The current leadership have been in office for over 10 years. By any stretch of the imagination you could not say that PCS have been winning over this period. Clearly the government are responsible for the attacks we face but the PCS leadership are responsible for how we respond. Their response has been woefully inadequate.

Independent Left supporters have consistently argued for the NEC to reconnect with, and strengthen the confidence of, members by:
-Focusing on a national defence of pay, jobs and living standards. Local areas and departments should not be left on their own to fight. We really are ‘all in it together’ and so we should really all campaign and fight together;
Campaigning for equal pay across the Civil Service. It shouldn’t depend on where you work as to how much you should earn. An EO in DWP should get as much as an EO in HMRC as an EO in DfT etc;
-Having an effective industrial action strategy, including selective action, in place of one day strikes now and then that the government simply sits out;
-Telling the truth, even when it means admitting that we have lost; thoroughly consulting members on demands, strategy and tactics and providing timely and informative reports national talks.
-Having a meaningful national strategy to unionise those private sector companies providing support to the civil service.

Please vote for:

John Moloney (DfT)

Vice President
Bev Laidlaw (DWP)

Tom Bishell (DWP)
Chris Marks (DWP)
Bryan Carlsen (HSE)
Charlie McDonald (DWP)
Phil Dickens (R&C)
John Moloney (DfT)
Chris Hickey (CLG)
Gerry Noble (R&C)
Karen Johnson (CLG)
Bev Laidlaw (DWP)
Sarah Malone (R&C)
Paulette Romain (CLG)
Gilaine Young (DfT)
Matt Wells (Defra)

2 thoughts on “Consider

  1. Not only do we need a better NEC that does not snort up members’ subs in their own ‘remuneration packages’, is more responsive and transparent to the members who elect it, it also needs to be rationalised. Why do we have so bloody many of ’em?! How many regional committee advisers, chairs/deputy chairs of equality groups do we really need that can’t always make it due to ‘other commitments’? One President, one VP and 10 committee members is more than enough! And hold General Secretary elections at the same time.

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