PCS elections 2016: Time for Change

The current PCS leadership, in office for more than a decade, has failed all major (and many not so major) tests of the union: they have failed on severance terms; pensions; pay; jobs; and a discriminatory PMR system. They have launched in an ill-considered way one important industrial dispute after another, allowing those disputes to quietly die, and now seem to have given up the ghost. Members deserve better.

There is no quick way to put right what the NEC has put wrong but a first step is to elect NEC members aiming to build a membership led union:

· Strengthening the confidence of members.
· Thoroughly consulting members on demands, strategy and tactics.
· Supports members who want to resist employer attacks rather than obstructing them.
· Providing timely and accurate reports of negotiations to ensure genuine accountability;
· Electing PCS employed negotiators and on salaries closer to that of members (members subscriptions should not be used to support salaries exceeding those earned by 99% or more of civil servants.
· Devoting greater union resources to recruiting, organising and supporting private sector members.
· Providing greater research and legal assistance to representatives.
· Spreading best practice T&Cs throughout the areas of PCS membership.

If you want the above then vote PCS Independent Left for a membership led union.

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