PCS elections 2016: The current NEC has failed

The Government has and is deliberately using “austerity” to cull civil service jobs, terms and conditions. We all know who is to blame for the attacks upon us.

However the job of the union leadership is to deflect, reduce and mitigate the attacks and use every opportunity to improve Terms and Condtions where possible.

By this standard the current PCS leadership has failed the membership: Jobs have been slashed; severance terms worsened; pensions worsened; real pay slashed; pay arrangements are still characterised by divide and rule pseudo delegated pay bargaining units scarred by low pay and wildly differing rates of pay for the same grade of civil servant.

Yet further savage staffing cuts, office closures and pay restraint is coming our way and the same old  PCS NEC will simply not do.

Elect new NEC members to build a membership led union.

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