PCS elections 2016: No more of the same.

Over ten years of defeat and retreat the current NEC has failed to protect and advance our interests.

Saying this does not lessen the Conservatives’ responsibility for the misery they have caused but how our union is lead is the responsibility of the leadership.

Under the present NEC:

• Jobs have and will be slashed.
• Severance terms are worse and getting worse.
• Our pension scheme will not pay out for most members until their late sixties.
• Real pay has been slashed.
• Unequal pay still continues between departments;
• Ill prepared national disputes have been launched and then quietly forgotten.
• Civil service performance management is rotten, characterised by forced distribution and gross inequalities in box marks (e.g. by ethnicity and disability).
• PCS is in a financially critical condition and yet the NEC pays off employees whilst hiring new ones, cutting and adding to the pay bill, reducing and creating new pension liability.

Therefore elect a radically different NEC by voting for PCS Independent Left.

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