A joint LU/IL slate proposed to IL before the election was suspended

Just a few weeks ago a senior member of the NEC/Left Unity/Socialist Party approached the PCS Independent Left for discussions about a joint electoral slate. Our National Secretary said he thought agreement to such arrangement would be unlikely but IL representatives would meet with the comrade to hear his proposals but we would need to do so before our impending AGM if we were to report there a detailed proposal.

The meeting never happened through no fault of ours; our AGM took place; we publicised our decision to again contest the NEC elections, but this time with the extremely welcome support of a number of serious activists in HMRC and elsewhere who share our criticisms of the LU/Democrats NEC.

The Tory attacks and the financial crisis of the union necessitated – to the Socialist Party in PCS at least – the need for a joint slate. Now, just a few weeks later, the Tory attacks suggest the need for “no slate” or even a membership vote; no need for democracy in these trying times, particularly when you cannot trust the membership to do the right thing and vote in the current leadership. So why take the risk?

The leadership know just how grim the crisis is that they have delivered us to. No amount of rightly blaming the Tories for their hostility to trade unionism can excuse the leadership’s gross failings over many years. They want to avoid an election this side of a possible financial meltdown and enforced transfer to Unite.

In reply we say ‘Let members have a vote’.

2 thoughts on “A joint LU/IL slate proposed to IL before the election was suspended

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