PCS NEC: call on the union to back John Pearson NOW!

Following his success at tribunal, John Pearson has again received news that PCS are continuing to refuse his reinstatement to membership, retrospectively fund his ET fees or help him seek remedy for his dismissal on Trade Union grounds. John intends to appeal the decision of the National Disputes Committee.

This is a disgrace. The silence from NEC members in the supposedly most ‘progressive’, ‘left wing’, ‘fighting’ union in the TUC lead by ‘Socialists’ is deafening. If a union won’t back victimised reps then it calls into question the very purpose of the union. It also sends out the wrong message to the employer, that they can get away with sacking reps and removing our leaders in the workplace; where they really matter.

Pass motions in your branches raise the issue at meetings, contact NEC members to demand that PCS does the right thing NOW. See more here:http://pcssupportyourmembers.wordpress.com

One thought on “PCS NEC: call on the union to back John Pearson NOW!

  1. Hello

    I am very sorry to hear about the case of John and Sofia.I was dismissed from HMRC in 2012. The Union leadership refused to send a member of the PCS legal team to meet me and my local rep in Belfast. The Union leadership including Mark Serwotka were aware that my Mother ,Father and father in Law were very seriously ill at the time of my dismissal ( all three died during the time of my dismissal and subsequent appeal)but refused to support me. No one from the Union attended my FET which was held when my Mother was dying the chairman of the Tribunal refused to suspend the proceedings during this time and I was forced to attend the FET alone extremely stressed and exhausted from providing care for my Father Mother and Father in Law. My case was struck out as the chairman stated I was unable to conduct my case properly as my Mother was dying. I have very real concerns re the conduct of the FET and have raised them with elected representatives in Belfast.

    Mark Serwotka, Phil Maddelin and other senior Union Officials were aware of my circumstances this but did nothing to help me, even though i was an accredited Union Rep nominated by fellow members. ..

    Failure to support Union Reps and indeed ordinary members who are the victim of bullying , victimisation and unfair dismissal would seem to be a recurring pattern with Mark Serwotka Janice Godrich and the Union leadership over the last number of years. It is totally unacceptable.conduct from senior Union Officials.

    As a passionate trade unionist I would be concerned that PCS like a number of other high profile Unions is now being run by self serving and very well paid champagne socialists . Bullying is rife in HMRC Mark Serwotka Janice Godrich and Hector Wesley were made aware of this on numerous occasions and chose to ignore it. despite the devastating effect it was having on members.health and well being.

    I hope John and Sofia get justice and would be very interested to see how events develop with the Union leadership. I have all of my correspondence with Maddelin Serwotka Godrich and Wesly and would have no problem putting it on line ,so union members can see exactly what kind of representation they can expect from our extremely well paid Union leadership when push comes to shove. . I only found this post by pure chance I hope the case of Sofia and John could be escalated through social and mainstream media to the general public and all concerned union members.


    Tom .

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