PCS: The levy and direct debit should be combined

Now you probably know we have our disagreements with the current leadership of the PCS.

It is not because we think they are bad people, it’s just that they are generally politically wrong, have no clear strategic ideas and can at times be hopelessly sectarian (for example they resisted the levy and selection action for years because those ideas came from us).

Also, usually, they are not very imaginative.

A case in point is setting up the levy. We have suggested to them that on the Direct Debit (DD) form there should be a box for collecting the levy; so killing two birds with one form. Whilst not rejecting the idea, it is clear that they are not going to implement the idea.

Instead, after the DD exercise is finished, we will have to go out again to all the members and collect a levy. We put this down to their lack of imagination (though their sectarianism may have kicked in as they may not really want a levy). In any case an opportunity has been lost.

One thought on “PCS: The levy and direct debit should be combined

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