Prize for finding the Industrial Logic in a transfer to Unite

Nobody has as yet come up with any substantive reason as to why a transfer to Unite makes industrial sense for members. Yes, Janice Godrich, the union’s president in her speech on motion A21 (the motion that was defeated at conference, a motion designed to free the leadership hands when it came to ‘negotiations’ with Unite) talked of a radical reorganisation of the new union (we think she meant the proposed public sector group in Unite) and having a bigger voice – but without detail such talk is just empty. The closest we heard of a plan was a (thoughtful) Left Unity delegate arguing that Unite could organise the cleaners, security guards on the civil service and related estates and another activist arguing that we could tap into Unite’s strike fund and levy and so fund selective action. We have mooted the two above ideas ourselves but in the absence of anything concretely planned with Unite these (unfortunately) just remain  ideas. Therefore we are offering a prize for anyone in the SP or indeed LU, who can actually come up with an industrial logic for a transfer to Unite. The rules are simple. Just saying we will have a bigger voice, it will be a radical union, a pole of attraction, a bridge between the private and public sector etc, etc, will not get you the prize. No, we are asking for concrete detail. So we declare the competition open; send us your ideas. You can use the comments function here or use any other method you prefer.

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