If the union is heading for bankruptcy then all bets are off

Whatever our disagreements with the union’s leadership we believe, like they, that it is vitally important that there be a union in the civil service and related areas. Therefore if the DWP or HMRC was to give short notice regarding ending check off then we would rather see a financial rescue of the union by merging with Unite than have no union at all.

As we write elsewhere on this site there is no industrial logic for a merger. Further, we believe that a merged union will not be as democratic as PCS is. For some comrades PCS Independent Left, the thought of joining a Labour Party affiliated union, albeit one where you cannot be forced to pay towards the upkeep of that party, is deeply unpleasant and in normal circumstances unpalatable.

Of course that is in normal circumstances. Ending check off on short notice would not be normal circumstances. However, if a year or greater notice was given then arguably that could be coped with and even a lethargic leadership such that we have, could re-sign up our membership. So merger with Unite is not a matter of principle for us; our judgment is based upon the balance of advantage for the members. At the moment that balance is against merger but that could change with a change of financial circumstances.

2 thoughts on “If the union is heading for bankruptcy then all bets are off

  1. Love it or hate it, the Labour Party is the party the working class still look to as it’s natural home. Forget the arguments about UKIP or even (God forbid) the EDL – this is the harsh fact facing all of us and anything like the Socialist Party’s line on Labour is just so much infantile ultra-Leftism, This makes them look even more hypocritical when they cozy up for photo ops with the smattering of Labour MPs in the Parliamentary Group.
    It’s OUR party – not theirs. We should be joining in numbers and forcing the agenda. Nobody can argue that the leadership’s been appropriated by the Right almost as long as Labour has existed. But that’s because the Capitalist class know how to fight and aren’t above practicing their own ‘entryism’ into the party to defend the interests of their class.That’s who Blair was, and Ramsay MacDonald before him.
    I joined Independent Left because I wanted an honest debate about our direction. It’s our party and we’ll merge if we want to…

  2. Just to say. This Labour Party Member and 4TM Member who is standing for the HMRC GEC as a GEC Member and the NEC as Vice President and NEC Member.

    I am against the Unite Union Merger or Takeover and will fight it all the way.

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