Money makes people right-wing and inegalitarian

This is the conclusion of a recent study of lottery winners. The bigger the win, the bigger the subsequent change in their political attitudes – generally to the right.
Commenting on this study, the economist Paul Krugman stated:

Think about that for a minute. You might imagine that a self-made man, reasoning from his own experience, might come to the conclusion that people get what they deserve. But here are people who demonstrably, by design, got rich(er) through pure chance, having nothing to do with their talents or efforts. Yet their increased wealth nonetheless convinces them that society is fair.

To read the study results please go here:

To read Paul Krugman’s commentary of this study please go here:

By the way, at the end of his piece, Paul Krugman writes in connection with another study:

So, if you were a ranting leftist, you might say that political attitudes are shaped by class, and that ideological justifications for high inequality are just a veil for class interest. You might also say that “sound” economic policies are really just policies that redistribute income upwards. And it turns out that the econometric evidence more or less supports your rant.

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