Our vote is up but we still have a long way to go

That’s our first reaction to the NEC results.

In percentage terms we polled more, particularly so for the Presidential election but we are under no illusions that we are poised for power. Of course the main concern, as it should be for all those who care about democracy is the poor turnout in the vote. Obviously we have less members but the percentage turnout was worse than last year. To put it in the right way, over 90% of members did not vote. Clearly the anti-trade union law with its insistence on postal ballots is partly to blame (workplace ballots would lead to a higher vote) but that still cannot excuse why so many do not vote.

Whilst we don’t claim ultimate wisdom, by any rational calculation our ideas are superior to the bankruptcy of thought that characterises our current and continuing leadership. So we battle on as the members deserve better.

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