Victimisation of union reps an attack on us all

PCS are under attack. Facilities, from time off for union work for reps to use of noticeboards and even payroll subs collection are now either being withdrawn or could be in near future. We can expect legal challenges to any ballots for industrial action used to defend ourselves.

The bosses will use every means at their disposal to weaken and where possible smash the organisations of working people. One of the oldest tricks in the book is victimisation of trade union reps. By taking the head off the union in the workplace they hope to remove the most effective reps, demoralise the members and give their lackeys the green light to go on the offensive on terms and conditions at local and departmental level and so on.

However, this is a risky tactic for our employer as it can invite a firm response from us. In the course of which members become emboldened to defend not only the individuals under direct attack but to collectively fight back for the rights and working conditions of all. This is called solidarity.

There are three cases at present that show our employer’s intent towards our union. Clicks below. Given the fighting stance all three reps have taken it is hard to believe that these are not connected. The bosses have a sense of solidarity too. But there are more of us. We must be ready to fight back whichever way we can.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Support John Bigger!
Reinstate Lee Rock!
Defend Kevin Smith!

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