NUT Executive votes by 22 to 20 against starting national strike action in March

This news is reported here:

The posting states:

This report will meet with considerable disappointment – and not a little anger – from NUT members waiting to hear the outcome of the discussions at today’s National Executive. Regrettably, and after a long debate, the Executive voted narrowly against a proposal to call a first day of national strike action, to oppose Gove’s plans to impose performance-related pay, on Wednesday March 13.

Of course it had been hoped by the PCS leadership that we could co-ordinate strike action with the teacher unions. The NUT executive votes shows that whilst we should hope to work with other unions, in the end PCS may have to fight on its’ own. That was the key lesson of the pension dispute.

The website on which the report is posted is for the ‘Local Associations for National Action Conference’. This seems an interesting organisation.

In its founding statement the LANAC said that it:

…..agrees to maintain and build a network of local associations and school reps that will enable teacher trade unionists to exchange information, debate and discuss strategy to defeat the serious attacks we face, call on our National Unions to implement such a strategy, and organise solidarity between local and national struggles….

You can read more here:

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