Joint slate for the NEC elections 2013

PCS Independent Left are working with the PCS Independent Socialists. We are standing together on an joint platform.

Please consider supporting the following candidates by moving their nominations at your Branch AGM.

Christine Hulme, DWP

Vice Presidents
Marjorie Browne, DWP
John Moloney, DfT

John Anderson, MoJ
Steve Bennett, MoJ
Nick Bird, DWP
Tom Bishell, DWP
Marjorie Browne, DWP
Len Campling, MoJ
Sue Catten, DWP
Trish Doran, DWP
Chris Hickey, CLG
David Jones, CLG
Rhys Martin, OISC
Karen Johnson, CLG
Bev Laidlaw, DWP
John Moloney, DfT
Sin Ping Leung, MoJ
Declan Power, DWP
John Pearson, Comm Sec
Dave Putson, MoJ
Tony Reay, DWP
Matt Wells, DEFRA

Independent Left stands for:

The defence of living standards: Real pay and the real value of pay range maxima have been slashed whilst the NEC has floundered.

Winning on pay: The current PCS leadership has had years to restore national pay and address the scourge of low pay and the lack of progression. Yet we are in a worse pay position than ever.

Strategic and Organised Campaigning: The NEC’s lack of strategy has resulted in the Con-Dems refusing to respond seriously to PCS’ demands.

Unity in action with other Unions, building rank and file links: PCS must systematically develop democratic, cross-union, town and regional committees as a way of building solidarity and putting pressure on other Union leaders.

An independent PCS strategy to win on civil service issues: The NEC based the defence of our pension rights entirely and wrongly on the willingness of other Union leaders to wage a joint battle and watched hopelessly as those “leaders” predictably pulled the plug on the campaign.

A sober confidence in PCS’ ability to win: We reject the NEC’s defeatist view that PCS cannot win major concessions on fundamental issues such as pensions. The PCS leadership could and should have had an independent strategy to defend the PCSPC, with joint union action as just one aspect of that strategy.

The development of a serious, imaginative, and properly prepared national industrial action strategy: PCS must go beyond the NEC’s “strategy” of occasional one-day strikes punctuated by months of inactivity. We advocate a national voluntary levy, substantial national strike action alongside selective action, rolling strikes, overtime bans, and highly disruptive part day strikes as pioneered by DfT members.

PCS punching its national industrial weight: The NEC has too often left representatives and members isolated, dealing with civil service wide attacks as best they can in the government’s divide and rule “bargaining units.”

Greater union resources for, and a recruitment and organisation drive amongst contractor staff: PCS must face up to the substantial challenges facing members in the commercial sector.

Placing equality at the centre of PCS’ campaigning: We will robustly use anti-discrimination legislation; challenge PRP, which discriminates by race, disability and grade; promote equal pay claims; challenge the huge bonuses of top civil servants and draw out the link between inequality in wider society and the civil service.

A membership led Union: Negotiating officers should be elected and paid wages more in line with members’ pay. Members should be thoroughly consulted on demands, strategy and tactics and provided with honest, timely, reporting of negotiations to ensure democratic decision making and genuine accountability.


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