Hugh Lanning to go – the worker’s wage argument becomes real

Mr Lanning, who has worked as a full time, very well paid bureaucrat all his life (first in the NUS, then in the forerunners of the PCS and then in the PCS itself) is to step down as Deputy General Secretary in May 2013. We strongly suspect that the Socialist Party and hence the LU will seek to have Chris Baugh, the current Assistant General Secretary, elevated to the deputy position and some worthy to take over Mr Baugh’s position as AGS.

Of course Chris and the worthy (no doubt a member of the SP) will take the full salary for these union posts; that is they will take up posts with salaries of £70K plus. Both Chris and the worthy will remain members of the SP; a party that claims that FTOs should be on a worker’s wage.

The IL will explore ways of derailing the coronations planned for Chris and the worthy. We would want to see contested elections with real ‘left’ candidates standing against them on a ticket, that amongst other things, includes only accepting a worker’s wage if elected. We will work with anyone in the union who wants the same thing.

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