Facility time

At our recent AGM the IL passed the following motion regarding facility time:

This conference notes the imposition of changes in 2013 to facility time within the civil service. Whilst there is a real Labour movement argument to be had regarding staff being on 100% facility time and for the current use of facility time, that should be for the trade union movement to decide upon rather than comply with a state dictat.

This conference notes that the decision to exclude the use of facility time for trade union duties is in compliance with the relevant ACAS guidance; guidance that as far as we know the TUC has never sought to change.

To date, apart from ritual condemnation, the PCS leadership has not announced any practical response to the on-coming changes.

In the absence of anything concrete from the union this conference agrees:

· That where the government is seeking to ban experienced activists from standing for certain union positions that such activists should stand regardless;

· That the steering committee, with input from members, draws up a list of practical ways that branches can get around the restrictions that the government seeks to put in place;

· That we produce material showing why facility time is important and why facility time should be given for TU duties as opposed only for IR duties;

· That we explore the arguments around staff being on 100% facility time;

· That we explore whether under EU or UK law there is any legal challenge possible to the changes;

In light of the above to draft suitable motions to ADC 2013

Again, the IL, in stark contrast to the current leadership of the union, is seeking to actually do something about the problems that face the members and activists.

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