Learn from the past!

It would now appear that we are heading for a terms and conditions and possibly pay dispute. Our fear is that the union will repeat the set pattern it has applied to nearly all disputes over the last years.

From a standing start members are balloted on industrial action; a ballot is won on usually below 35% turnout; a one day strike is announced – which may or may not happen; the next action after the one day strike, if any, takes place months after the first one; in the meantime no real information is given to members as to what is happening; the dispute either fades with no conclusion or it is linked to another dispute and another ballot.

In terms of results the above approach has delivered little in concrete gains.

In counter position to the above we have argued for action – such as selective or targeted action – coupled with as many all union strikes that we think the members can take so that real and continuous pressure is put on the employer and for members to be kept informed and involved in the dispute.

As of a discussion at our recent AGM we agreed:

· To produce an e-pamphlet outlining the history of previous disputes (in this way acting as the memory of PCS) and their failed tactics; to argue, at more length than we have in the past, for our alternative;

· Around the T&C dispute argue for different tactics;

· Draft suitable motions for ADC 2013 arguing for alternative tactics and approach.

There is a better way that the current sterile approach adopted by the current leadership.

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