Much worse to come

The government has got over 94% of its cuts to make

Polly Toynbee of the Guardian has written:

“Few people realise that 88% of benefit cuts are still to come” [25 June]

“only 6% of public service cuts have happened yet. Another 94% are still to come, with cascades more public servants sacked. In benefits, 88% of cuts are still to come.” [2 February]

These claims have been verified by Fact Check here:

Therefore we face more job cuts, continued squeezes/freezes on our pay and in places like DWP our members will suffer the backlash as the benefits cuts hit deeper and our members face more and more desperate people who have nowhere else to go but to the DWP but the DWP has nothing to offer.

If ever there was time for the labour and trade union to unite in a common fight it is now. Unfortunately that common fight is nowhere to be seen so far. The “big” pension strike shows what is possible. We can only hope that later in the year, after the TUC march, we get back into the big game.

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