Reasons to vote Independent Left in the NEC elections – Independence of action

Whilst doing everything in our power to assemble and hold together an effective alliance with sister unions the unwillingness of the failed leaders of other unions to defend “their” members is not a reason for PCS to refrain from the independent campaigning necessary to defend our members.

The union should have taken strike action on the 28 March and it needs to develop a serious strategy to defeat regional pay, defend living standards and jobs, and force the government to negotiate seriously on the vast range of changes to terms and conditions that it is now forcing through departments (making dismissal easier for example). Therefore if need be, in the absence of other unions willing to fight, then we have to fight on our own. Not to do so this means giving up; that is not acceptable.

One thought on “Reasons to vote Independent Left in the NEC elections – Independence of action

  1. I am standing for the GEC in the MoJ as an Independent Socialist. I have become disillusioned with Left Unity and the Democracy Alliance as it appears to be a loose collective of self interested individuals. The latest disregard for the membership being the supine acceptance of a 30% reduction in facility time not applied to the GEC but in its entirety to the local reps.

    I am cutting and pasting your blog to the blog at

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