PCS Spin

The union has been putting it about that the NASUWT could join in with the rejectionist unions – that is the unions who want to fight over pensions.

Unfortunately Chris Keates, the NASUWT’s general secretary just says that the ballot mandate is still valid, and a further strike is not absolutely excluded. You can hear an interview
here: http://union-news.co.uk/2012/01/nasuwt-refuses-to-sign-scandalous-pensions-deal/

PCS’s spin on it was that the NASUWT would consider joining future walkouts. This is not being said.

More to the point the NASUWT didn’t attend the second meeting of the rejectionist’s union. They have made it clear, at least to the NUT, that they will not take part in a meeting outside the auspices of the TUC.

Whilst trying to build what alliances we can, in the end we have to plan for a situation where we are all alone and that we have to fight on alone or tell members that the current PCS leadership doesn’t believe we can or should fight on as a single union.

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