PCS listens and so does not lead

The pension refusenik unions met this week to discuss next steps (even if those steps are just to stand still).

The PCS NEC, although aware of UCU’s decision to propose the 1 March as the next pension strike day, have decided not to put a strike date to the meeting, not to support or oppose the UCU proposal and so will attend, in essence, in a listening mode.

PCS has also agreed to consult members over whatever package comes out of the civil service pension talks; these discussions being concluded in mid Feb. It is likely that this consultation will take the form of a ballot.

So it is hard to see PCS agreeing to take action on the 1 March whilst consulting members on a pension deal in late Feb! Of course the interesting thing will be the union’s recommendation to members in this consultation.

Another straw in the wind against action on the 1st March is that the next NEC has been arranged for the 9th Feb; that doesn’t leave much time to rev up members from a standing start.

So it all seems clear that for PCS, at least, the pension fight has at best been postponed for a few months.

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