PCS should stand alone if necessary

Everybody is going round in circles. The PCS NEC agrees to hold a meeting with the other unions who have some fight in them concerning pensions. The NUT executive agrees the same but declines, as did the PCS NEC, to name a day or days for further action. Our worry now is that there will be deadlock as each of the so-called rejectionist unions (as the Financial Times has dubbed the unions such as NUT, PCS, Unite etc) circle around each other, weighing up the balance of forces (a term always deployed when consideration is given to ending a fight) and deciding that further thought must be given; all the time we lose the momentum gained from the 30th November.

In these circumstances the PCS should give a strong lead, name a day and persuade the others to follow. If they don’t then PCS has to go it alone. We mustn’t forget that in early 2011 the UCU (lecturer’s union) took a day’s strike action over pensions; the first union to do so. It was this lead that lead to the 30th June and then to the 30th November. We are not claiming that the same will happen again if PCS were to take action but such events will certainly not happen if our union does nothing.

2 thoughts on “PCS should stand alone if necessary

  1. I think in light of Ed Balls comments on public sector workers and the cuts. This just makes the case to name the day and get on with it even stronger. Its more likely now that other unions will follow given the anger over New Labours position in joining the government in supporting attacks on our class.

  2. I have already been urging trades unionists who believe that we should name the day to petition their union leadership and rank and file with these alternatives:

    Before half term holidays 9th February
    After the half term holidays 29th February

    But, regardless, PCS has not had any satisfactory response from government so we must continue to fight, alone, if necessary.

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